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Course list

Basic Electronics

Digital Imaging Technology

Digital Satellite Television

Display Technology

How Silicon CMOS Technology Came to Dominate the Electronics Industry

How to Hire an Expert Witness

Information Storage Technology Overview

Introduction to Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Relational Database Overview

The Science of Accident Reconstruction

Wireless Telephone System Basics

The Science of Accident Reconstruction

Classified Under : Automotive Engineering & Technology

This course is designed for attorneys involved in high-technology litigation who require background information relevant to their case. An introduction to the basic concepts of mechanical engineering with emphasis on the application of accident reconstruction and other topics on which mechanical engineers might testify.

"I will certainly keep NEWN in my database (and recommend you to colleagues) as you were able to jump right in at the last minute and find us someone with the expertise to at least address some of the arcane issues we were dealing with in this case."