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“Defense counsel tried, unsuccessfully, to argue how we could possibly know what these witnesses would testify to because they were not retained until shortly before disclosure. I was able to successfully argue that because of the high caliber of your organization, you undertook to learn the details about the case and fit the appropriate experts into the case and were familiar with their expertise and abilities and this was no ‘last minute thing.’”

NEWN Management

The Expert Witness service industry is both very small and very young.  NEWN is uniquely positioned with a management team whose combined experience exceeds 30 years in assisting IP attorneys with their Expert Witness needs.

NEWN management is comprised of individuals with strong business, technical and legal backgrounds.  Our combined professional experience and expertise gives NEWN the ability to quickly analyze each client's Expert Witness requirements, match those needs with our database of nearly 600 senior consultants and submit fully-vetted candidates within hours of the original inquiry.

NEWN's Case Managers are trained in all aspects of expert witness service, from the knowledge necessary to ask the right questions of our clients to evaluating the intellectual property in suit and making a well-informed judgment on which of our consultants best fit the needs of our clientele to the consummation of the Engagement Letter that puts it all together.  This vertical organization provides our clients with a single point of contact who can quickly assess the client's needs and provide an Expert Witness solution in record time.

We pride ourselves on being the most technologically advanced expert witness services firm in the country. All of our technology is developed on the premise that people are busy, and NEWN understands that functional always beats flashy.

Give us a chance to prove ourselves . . . . You will not be disappointed.