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How to Hire an Expert Witness
Back to About Us How to Hire an Expert Witness The Guidebook on How to Hire an Expert Witness was taken from the audio narrative for the course by the same name, written by David McDonald, President & CEO of NEWN. This 22-page Guidebook is intended to help any attorney unfamiliar with the process of finding, vetting and engaging a high-technology Expert Witness.

"I highly recommend this Expert Witness in the area of mechanical engineering. We retained him to assist us in litigation by formulating expert opinions relating to claim construction, prior art references, literal infringement, and equivalence under § 112, ¶ 6. That litigation concerned a patent on a mechanical device and included an ITC investigation, multiple U.S. district court cases, and arbitration. Your Expert provided thorough analysis that provided the basis for strong anticipation and non-infringement positions."